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A Fitness Queen

She's not only a fitness queen, but a former pageant queen!

Leona Koxha, Miss Collegiate America 2017, is a real life queen, a fitness enthusiast, and an inspiring and smart gal. She and I became such great friends during nationals and have stayed friends since! She came to the US from Kosovo at age 3 and is currently a senior at San Diego State University studying International Security and Conflict Resolution with a minor in political science.


“Fitness has been an important aspect of my life the past few years, which I can certainly thank pageantry for! Nothing motivates you like having to strut in a bikini in front of a huge audience! Earlier this summer I won the title of Miss Collegiate America (still can't believe it!) and I want to show young women the confidence that comes through healthy living and fitness, two things that truly give me purpose. So far, the best part of being Miss Collegiate America has been all the support from my home country of Kosovo. It means the world to me to know I've made them proud and helped put Kosovo on the map.

Fitness Tip: progress isn't always linear. Your body changes and will look different at different times of the year. It’s OK to not always be getting leaner, thinner, stronger, whatever it is your fitness goals are. Remember it’s a lifestyle and as such, it should be maintainable. I do circuit and weight training five times a week and add some cardio whenever I can! Even with my busy schedule as a college senior, this workout routine is doable for me; but when it's a struggle, I remind myself that it's a priority of mine!

FOOD: one of my favorite healthy meals is ZOODLES! There are so many ways to spice it up...I seriously think it tastes just like real pasta 🙈 I like to make a pasta sauce or creamy avocado sauce and add chicken for protein - it's the perfect low-carb meal! And of course I looove sweets more than the next person, but I limit myself to one or two 'treat-meals' a week so I don’t sabotage all my hard work. Again, it's a lifestyle so discover what works for YOU! Also shoutout to my workout buddy and sis Blerta Koxha, couldn't do it without her."

Since I initially posted this on my Instagram, Leona and Blerta have created a great sisters fitness Instagram account, @ksistersfitness! Check it out! Oh, and Leona also won a Fulbright!!! Isn't she the coolest? I am a proud friend!

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