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Cheer Up!

Hear from a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader!

Introducing Kayla C.! She is a 7th year NFL cheerleader for the Minnesota Vikings, has been featured on the Sports Illustrated website, and has been the cover girl for the Vikings Cheerleader calendar!


“The biggest fitness tip I have learned is to listen to your body. One thing that works really well for someone, might not be the best for you. Try adding things in and out and see how it affects you.

When it comes to working out, I find that I am most motivated and push through harder when I am with a group a people! Because of this, I always try to incorporate my training with others.

My regular workout routine always includes a good mix of cardio, and upper and lower strength training. I work out roughly 4 times each week.

I love to grill! So any chance I get to have a nice healthy meal on the grill is my first option.

I have had so many favorite experiences as a cheerleader, but my most favorite is getting to travel to our United States military overseas. It is such a humbling experience and exciting to be able to bring a piece of Minnesota to them.”

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