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Creamy Kiwi Smoothie

This is a delicious and refreshing smoothie with a secret ingredient for extra creaminess: tofu! I promise you will not taste the tofu at all, and it adds protein and a great creamy texture. I have been adding tofu to smoothies recently and am a big fan! I used extra firm tofu, but any kind will work because there is already a lot of liquid in the smoothie anyways, so it won’t affect the texture much.

You could also add some matcha to this for more green color and some energy if you are drinking this in the morning!


Here’s how to make this smoothie:


1-2 kiwis (peeled of course)

1/5 of a block of tofu

1-2 cups

milk (basically I just filled up the rest of my single-serve blender)

A generous splash of vanilla (I did not measure this but probably used about 3 tsp)

Few handfuls of spinach

1-2 tsp matcha (optional)


1. Blend it all together, and enjoy!


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