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Inside-Out Breakfast Sandwich

Thinking outside the box (bread?) today by making an inside-out breakfast sandwich!

Typically, breakfast sandwiches have egg in the middle and toast on the outside, but this one is flipped! I cooked eggs in the waffle maker, cut toast into a circle, and sandwiched the bread and some veggies. You can fill your sandwich with whatever you like - if we are inverting the typical sandwich, might as well try some creative fillings too! You could add pickled onions (here’s how to quickly make them), hummus, carrots… the possibilities are endless! I think you could do this with tofu instead of an egg to make this vegan - I will try this in the future!


1 slice of bread

2 eggs



Spray cooking oil

Desired sandwich fillings


1. Spray a waffle iron with olive/cooking oil, and turn it on.

2. Once the iron is heated, crack an egg in the middle, sprinkle spices on top, and cook for a few minutes until the egg is fully cooked.

Note: You could also scramble the egg and mix in the spices before cooking, but I personally like having the variety of the mixture of the yolk and white!

3. Cut your bread into a circle that is the same size as your waffle will be. Toast the bread. To not waste the part of the bread that was cut off, I also toasted it and served it on the side with my breakfast.

4. Place the bread in between the egg “waffles” and make your sandwich. I put avocado, beet chips, steamed kale, and pickled onions on mine!

What else can you look at or think about from a new perspective today?


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