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The Rowing Queen

Who better to feature during the Head of the Charles Regatta than Celia Varga, a freshman on the Boston University D1 rowing team! She won a bronze medal in the 2015 youth nationals, and 3 gold medals at the Canadian Henley!


“I’ve been rowing for 4 years and it has taught me so much about being a high level athlete. My dad was actually on the US National Team in the 90’s so I’ve always been around the sport. I tried rowing camp for the very first time when I was fourteen and even though it was a complete disaster - blisters, sun poisoning, a scar from the boat's rigger, and a staph infection - I ended up loving it and joined a team that spring. I have stuck with it ever since! Although I love everything about rowing, the team aspect is my favorite part. I love how I'm pulling for all eight other girls in the boat with me. There's so much trust, sacrifice, and teamwork that goes into it!

Since I sit in class all day before practice, hydration is my #1 priority. I like to use my Swell bottle and constantly refill it throughout the day with water. This not only prepares me for the long rowing practices but it also benefits my body as a whole.

I stretch for about 30 minutes in the evenings - going from normal body stretches to rolling out with either a lacrosse ball or foam roller to target the tighter muscles. I used to be really bad about making time for stretching, but it's so vital when you're putting in a lot of demanding work, so now I make sure I make time to stretch. It's relaxing before bed as well!

It takes courage to try something new, whether that's a sport or something else, but you learn so much about yourself when you put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Even if you try something and decide that it isn't for you, you put yourself out there and have gained something valuable in taking that risk.”

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