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Hi! I'm Andrea!

     Welcome to the Barre & Brunch website! Here is where you can find the recipes and workouts I’ve created, as well as blog posts on wellness and my life. In my opinion, brunch is the most creative, fun, and artistic meal - there’s so many options, both sweet and savory! My favorite workouts are dance, barre, and yoga, but I always enjoy trying new workouts and challenging myself.


     I am from a small town called Stillwater, Minnesota and graduated in May of 2019 from Boston University, where I studied Chemistry and minored in French, Biology, and Dance. I am currently in my third year of medical school in downtown Chicago. I am enjoying med school and exploring health and fitness in a new city! I even took a culinary medicine class my first year to learn about nutrition and healthy eating in a medical context! In this class, I learned so much about the health benefits, and have also educated myself about the significant environmental impact, of a plant-based diet, so now I try to eat mostly plant-based.


     I’ve been a ballet dancer my whole life, which is what drew me to barre workouts. I started Barre & Brunch the summer before my junior year at Boston University, after about six months of being the student ambassador at Barre and Soul, an amazing local fitness studio that helped me discover my passion for fitness. One day, I was thinking about fun social media posts for Barre and Soul, and also about how I would be moving into my first apartment soon and would have to cook my own meals. I didn’t want to eat the same thing every day, and wanted to make food that would be healthy but fun. I decided to combine these two interests into a food and fitness Instagram! Since starting, I now have become a certified barre instructor and have learned how to create my own healthy recipes!


     For me, eating healthy is so important. I used to eat junk food constantly, and I was sick very often. When I came to college, I started trying to eat healthier and eat a balanced, nutritious diet. I was amazed by how much more energized and happier I felt! However, I do think it's important to treat yourself and indulge every so often. I love to make desserts that are made with healthier, simple ingredients for the perfect middle ground.


     I love trying new recipes or workouts and sharing them with those who share my passion for food and fitness. I also want to make an inclusive community for those with food allergies or restrictions, because many of my loved ones struggle with these conditions, so I try to include options and substitutions in my recipes. This is also why you will find spotlight posts from people I know with a special perspective on food, fitness, or wellness - such as those with food allergies or college athletes. I’m not (yet) an expert on health, fitness, or nutrition, but I am just here to share my experience and what I’ve learned with others in the hopes that it will help and inspire them. I want to show people that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult, boring, or expensive!


     I hope that I can inspire you to find and follow your passions and strive to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

*Note: the views and opinions expressed on my blog are my own and not representative of my medical school. I can not provide medical advice as I do not currently have a medical license.



Thanks for reaching out! Have a great day and I'll get back to you soon!

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