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Finding Balance With A Future Sports RD!

This girl does it all, and always stays positive!

Christina Chu graduated from Boston University with a degree in Dietetics and is in graduate school for Clinical Nutrition with the goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian, specializing in Sports. She is a cycling instructor at Equinox in Boston, and also shares fun recipes and nutrition tips on her Instagram account! She was my resident my first year as an RA and we connected over our shared interest in nutrition and wellness, and stayed in touch! This year, I got to take her spin class and it was a blast!


“I've always been interested in nutrition, and never thought about the way I ate as ‘healthy’, just a lifestyle. Little did I know, my peers had no idea about basic nutrition. I chose to study nutrition to teach others about my passion. Using social media to share my knowledge on nutrition has connected me with SO many important people in my life, let me share my message with people all over the country and globe, and has given me a competitive edge in my field.

There are many misconceptions about health and fitness. Health is not ‘one size fits all’. One person's way of eating or workout may be better for them, but not for others.

One of my favorite foods is sushi. It's such a fresh, feel good food. I also love chili. It’s easy to make, affordable, and can be saved as leftovers. You can add so many vegetables, so even picky eaters love it! My favorite treat is pickles (I know, it's weird), Pad Thai, and cookies - not together! These foods always fuel my soul.

In college, it can be a challenge to grow due to the difficult environment. Everyone is stressed, anxious, or on the edge of a breakdown. For a healthy lifestyle, find a group of people who both support and challenge you. A healthy, successful lifestyle includes balance. Although it’s hard, it’s so important to slow down. Relax. Breathe. Say no to plans. Watch that extra episode of Netflix.

For balance, I rely on my planner. Also, I try to give full communication to my support group. If I need to see my friends or boyfriend, I will let them know. If they invite me to something and it would honestly be better if I didn't go, I will let them know. It is so important to take care of yourself, and especially as women, we have a tendency to put others first. But how can we take care of others if we ourselves are not taken care of?”


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