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Slider Core Series

Here’s a fun at-home core workout you can do with sliders! If you don't have sliders, you can substitute paper plates on a carpeted surface or small/folded up towels on a hard floor!

This engages and strengthens muscles all around your core, including obliques. I share suggested repetition numbers for each section of movement in the video, but feel free to adapt this to what feels best to you!

Follow along with the videos, and here is a written out version of the series for more detail:

  1. Place both feet on the slider and come into a plank position. Draw your knees into your chest, then extend back to a plank. Next, slide your legs out wide to the sides (keeping your legs straight), then back into the center - do 4 repetitions, this whole combination counts as one rep!

  2. From the plank position, alternate drawing one knee to your chest and then the other for 8 repetitions total - this is like mountain climbers, but with sliding! Be sure to keep your hips down in line with your shoulders and avoid piking them up to the ceiling. Do this 8 times, then speed up the tempo and repeat 8 times faster.

  3. Next, do a similar movement, but this time draw your knee across your center towards the opposite elbow 8 times, then 8 times faster.

4. Next, place both feet on one slider and draw both knees across your body, twisting to bring them towards the opposite elbow.

5. For the final move, come to your knees, and place both hands underneath your shoulders with one hand on each slider. Tuck your heels slightly towards your seat so your feet are lifted off the ground. Keep your hips tucked under so that your upper body is in a plank-like position with your core engaged. Slide your arms straight out in front of you as far as you can before you cannot hold it, then slide them back underneath your shoulders. Avoid bending the hips and try to keep your upper body in a strong line - this one is extra tough, so I recommend doing it 4 times, then take a quick rest before trying another set of 4.

That’s it! If you like it and want more, try the whole series a second time! Let me know what you think! It’s pretty fun, and quite a challenge!


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