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45-Minute Full-Body At-Home Workout

This is a video of the full workout I taught via Instagram Live for my medical school community! No equipment is needed - just a mat/towel and comfortable space! You will get a full-body workout, and I demonstrate low-impact modifications if you want to avoid jumping.

I am so honored to have gotten to share my passion for fitness and wellness with my medical school community by teaching a live workout class through my school's Instagram! I’m grateful to be at a school that is so supportive of its students’ interests and skills, and recognizes the value of wellness and community, especially at a time like this.

The theme that I brought to the class was breath - our breath is integral to our inner force. We are very lucky to be breathing freely at this moment, something many aren’t able to do. We are lucky to have this time to come together and use our breath to provide strength to move and to aid our voice to positively impact those near and far.

We don’t often think about the importance or feeling of our breath until it no longer becomes easy to breathe. I encourage you to take a moment to feel the rise and fall of your breath, be thankful for it, then consider how you can use this ability to help those who need it.

I took this video while practicing the class, so please excuse me stumbling over my words a bit - it is hard to explain moves while doing a full workout! I still wanted to share it here so that you can do this workout whenever you want! I hope you enjoy it!

I do not own the rights to the music. Songs used: Brighter than the Sun (Colbie Caillat), Anna Sun (Walk the Moon), The Schuyler Sisters (cast of Hamilton), Countdown (Beyonce), Work This Body (Walk the Moon), Voulez-Vous (cast of Mamma Mia! the Movie), Don't Stop the Music (Rihanna), Killer Quee (Queen), Watermelon Sugar (Harry Styles), Raspberry Beret (Prince), Sucker (Jonas Brothers), You Belong in a Love Song (Jayna Davis).

Update: I have since learned and thought a lot about using "namaste" to end a class, which is what was initially practiced in classes and taught in teacher training at the studio where I first got into barre and yoga. Namaste is a term with a beautiful meaning, and it is not necessarily wrong to say at the end of a class when you recognize and honor the meaning, but it is important to think about this and avoid appropriating or misusing it. An excellent and informative quick read on this topic can be found here written by Susanna Barkataki, a yoga unity and diversity activist (her page has lots of great content to check out overall!). I now prefer to use other phrases instead with similar meaning to acknowledge the collective practice and honor the energy and efforts of everyone in class. Susanna also has a link to 60+ alternatives to "namaste" to end a class, which are great to check out and consider using!


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