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Apple Cinnamon Chai Mug Cake

A cozy and quick breakfast!

I love mug cakes so much! You can probably tell that if you look at my recipes or Instagram posts, because I make them often. They are so fast to make and tasty and you can make many different flavors. Today, I made a quick apple cinnamon chai mug cake for breakfast! This is made in a microwave and ready in minutes! Plus it makes your kitchen smell so tasty.


3 tbsp brewed chai tea

3 tbsp flour (I used a mix of flour and oats)

1 tbsp honey or maple syrup

1/4 tsp baking powder

1 tbsp coconut or vegetable oil

Finely chopped apple (as much as you’d like in your mug cake - I used about ⅓ cup)

Dash of salt

Lots of cinnamon

Splash of vanilla

Apple slices for the top if desired


  1. Make your chai tea in a microwave-safe mug. I recommend making the tea pretty strong so you will really taste the flavor in the cake.

  2. Add flour, honey, baking powder, salt, oil, cinnamon, chopped apple, to the chai tea and mix well. Add apple slices on top.

  3. Microwave for one minute (if it is still fairly soft, you can do an additional minute) and let cool.

  4. I added Bare Snacks cinnamon apple chips on top for some crunch. I also think adding chopped walnuts to the cake batter could be good!


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