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Avocado Toast Bowl

A new way to eat avocado toast!! I added strips of toast to a tasty bowl full of veggies, tofu, and avocado for a quick and easy lunch! I truly cannot make a sandwich, because I always end up adding too many toppings, and thus it ends up being a very loaded toast, so making toast into a bowl is even easier because you don’t have to worry about the toppings falling off your toast!

This is fun and simple meal to make - you can throw any veggies, protein, sauce, etc you have on hand into the mix. Simply slice bread into strips - I had half of a pita bread in my fridge, so I used that as well as regular bread - and then toast them, then add to the rest of your ingredients.

Swipe through to see the process!

Andrea slicing an avocado with her toast bowl prepared, smiling in her kitchen.
My brother got me an avocado tool and it's actually so nice for preparing avocados!

I added spinach and kale, sweet peppers, baked turmeric tofu (recipe here), and roasted sweet potatoes. And of course, avocado slices! Then just stick the toast pieces in and enjoy!


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