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Banana "Sushi"

This is a super easy, sushi-inspired snack made with just banana, your choice of nut or seed butter, and granola! You can get creative with various toppings too! It comes together quickly and is adorable and fun to make and eat. It’s basically dessert sushi. This is a messy recipe, but so worth it, and I have a little trick to keep it a bit cleaner.

I used tahini from Sweet Tahini to make this, but you can use any nut or seed butter. The Sweet Tahini I used has some honey added, so I didn’t need to add honey, but if your nut or seed butter does not have honey, you will want to add some to help it stick to the banana. I used both their cacao and halva flavors, and both were delicious! After you roll the banana in the nut/seed butter, there is a world of possibilities open to you as to what you can do next! Granola, coconut, chocolate chips, dried fruit, crushed nuts or seeds…

You will want to choose a banana that is perfectly ripe, neither green nor overripe, for the best turnout. If you are someone who really likes frozen bananas, you could freeze these after making them and save for later! I think they are best right away though. Either way, I hope you enjoy this fun recipe!


Here’s how I made this:


1 banana

Nut/seed butter of choice (enough to cover the whole banana, about 2-3 tbsp)

About 1 tsp honey or maple syrup (if your nut/seed butter doesn’t have honey in it)

About ⅓ cup toppings of choice (I used maple pecan granola and chocolate chips)



1. Mix your nut/seed butter and honey together.

2. Peel the banana and spread the nut/seed butter and honey mixture evenly around the outside of the banana.

This is when things start to get messy BUT if you have corn holders (my family has had these for years, so I don’t know where we got them, but these look similar), you can poke the corn holders into either end of the banana to hold it steady without getting nut/seed butter all over your hands.

3. Spread the toppings out on a plate and use the corn holders (or your hands if you don’t have them) to roll the banana in the toppings to evenly cover it. Gently press down while rolling to make sure the toppings stick well.

4. Slice the coated banana, sprinkle cinnamon on top, then enjoy! You could also drizzle melted chocolate over them and refrigerate until the chocolate hardens.


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