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Barre and Biceps

Here are some options for a bicep workout!

Choose a weight that challenges you, but that you can do many repetitions with. You can do this at home without actual weights, just use something weighted that you can hold securely. Try do at least 16 repetitions of each move. Don't give up during the set, power through because that's how you get stronger - keep going even if you have to switch to lighter or no weights! I believe in you!

Some alignment tips: Keep your elbows slightly in front of your ribs (don't rest them on your ribs and make it easier) and try to keep the rest of your body still so only your forearms move. Squeeze your bicep muscle at the top of each curl and avoid using momentum to swing your arms; you should feel resistance in your muscles when you lift AND lower.

Start with regular bicep curls. Then, as demonstrated by the lovely Whitney, one of my favorite Barre and Soul teachers, and her cute baby belly (I made this post when she was pregnant with her daughter), start a set of small pulses from a 90 degree angle in the middle of your range.

Contract the biceps to move your forearms up from the middle to the top of your range for a set, then repeat for the lower half of your range. Next, you can flip your hands so your weights are perpendicular to the floor for "hammer curls".

And if Whitney can do this with such great form when she is about to pop out a new baby soon, so can you! She is one fit mama and I am so inspired by her! #fitspo


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