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Barre Hamstring Stretch

Here are two stretches for your hamstrings. You can do this using a barre or a countertop or table depending on what is available to you!

To start, lift one leg up so your foot is on the barre. Bend your knee and reach your arms to the barre, keeping your standing leg straight. This should stretch your inner thigh and a bit of your standing quadricep. You can rise up onto the toes of your standing leg as well if you’d like.

Next, straighten the leg that’s on the barre so both legs are straight and you are leaning over it. This will stretch your hamstring. Be sure to keep your hips square and your back as straight as possible. Think of lengthening your spine to reach your nose to your toes rather than curling over.

If the stretch is too intense, you can modify by adding a gentle bend in your standing leg. For further modification, try holding the ends of a strap (like the one shown hanging on the barre) in either hand instead of the barre and using it to pull your torso forward as far as you can go.

Never feel bad about modifying a stretch or exercise - it is important to listen to your body and avoid injuring yourself. Proper form is always better than straining to reach farther in a stretch. Your best level differs from day to day, so be kind to yourself and recognize that if you do this stretch regularly, it will get easier as you improve your flexibility. The same goes for any stretch or workout!

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