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Spinal Twist Core Stretch

This is one of my favorite stretches for cooling down and stretching out after a yoga class or workout, and I’m sure if you have taken yoga classes, you have done this before! It’s a great way to work on mobility as well. I think it’s also very relaxing and peaceful if you close your eyes while doing this. Relaxing the face and jaw as well is great, and when I am conscious of this while doing this pose, I often realize that I have been holding tension in these places.

Start by lying comfortably on your back, and bring your knees in toward your chest. Drop your knees off to one side, and turn your head the opposite way. Rest the hand closest to your knees on top of your knees to gently press them more towards the ground for a deeper twist. Reach your opposite arm long away from you and (gently) work to press that side’s shoulder into the ground - the goal is to have both shoulders on the ground while your lower body twists. Don’t push or strain anything in this pose though, it is really meant to be relaxing and gentle. Gravity, time, and breathing will help you relax and melt deeper into the twist. Once you feel ready, bring your knees back to center and switch to the other side.

For an additional iliotibial band (IT band), you can grab onto the top foot or ankle and extend the leg until you feel a stretch along your outer leg. The IT band is on the outside of the thigh and knee, which is often very tight in many people, including me! So it is a great area to stretch! Depending on how tight your IT band is, you may not be able to fully extend the leg, and that’s ok! Here is another IT band stretch I love. Again, repeat on the other side!

Hope you feel more grounded and loosened up after that!


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