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Black Cat Booty Workout

If you voted for lower body workout in my poll last week, I didn’t forget about you!! Here is my go to booty workout!

One of my favorite Barre & Soul teachers, Whitney, once played the song Black Cat by Janet Jackson for glute work in a barre class and it is perfect! I’ve used it ever since for glute work when I workout on my own. It has a great beat and the changes between verses and chorus provide the opportunity for varying tempos and different movements, and it’s a catchy song! I had to add in the music to the video later with an app, so my movements don’t exactly match the beat, but you can get the idea!

This is what I do for my glute workout:

Put on Black Cat and do an assortment of exercises from a tabletop pose (hips over ankles, shoulders over knees, core engaged) on one side until the song is done. Then I switch sides! The song is about 5 minutes long, so you will definitely feel it. If you need to take breaks that’s ok!

I do each of these moves for a while - until a new phrase in the song, until I have done at least 16, or when I feel like changing. I usually go on Instagram or something (mostly I look at recipes for inspiration lol) to distract myself from the burn so I don’t always count how many I do, to be honest. I know this seems kind of random, but I am just sharing what I do and like!

I only did about 4 of each move for this video so it would be shorter for you to watch! When you’re doing this, be sure your movement comes from your butt muscles, not from arching your back. Try to keep your core engaged and as still as possible.

Start by bending your leg at the knee, then squeeze your glute muscles to lift your leg until your thigh is parallel with the floor. Lift and lower the leg as if you were kicking the ceiling, initiating the movement from your glute. Next, take this full range and lower the knee to the floor BUT just barely tap the floor, don’t relax your muscles and set your leg down. Continue this full range motion, but add a tap of your knee to your opposite calf, crossing your leg over. This will work a different area of your butt.

Extend your leg straight out from your hip so it is parallel with the floor (don’t lift it super high). Draw tiny circles with the leg one way, then reverse. Then lift and lower the leg, trying to keep it as straight as possible. Again, just tap or hover your toes above the ground!

Next is a move that many people know as fire hydrant. Bend your knee and lift your leg out to the side, at hip level. Try to keep your thigh parallel to the floor. Then extend your leg and lower and lift. Lastly, arc your straight leg from side to side behind you! Ta da! Now do the other side!


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