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Camel Pose

We often say Wednesday is “hump day”, but I feel like the next few weeks are “hump week” with finals and papers and everything going on! Anyone else feel the same way? So what better pose for this Stretch Sunday than the camel pose? The camel pose is a great back strengthener as well as a core and quadriceps stretch.

Start on your knees with your legs a hips-width apart, and the tops of your feet flat on the ground. Place your hands on your lower back, and slowly arch backwards through your spine.

You can stay here if this is a good stretch, or reach your hands down to rest on your heels, releasing your head back.

If you do this, try not to let your shoulders hunch up - stretch them away from your ears. If your hands are close but not quite at your heels, you can tuck your toes under so your feet are slightly higher and easier to reach. Hold the pose for about 5 slow, deep breaths, then gently come out of it.


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