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Candlestick Dipper Lateral Core Workout

Here is my new favorite core workout - the “candlestick dipper”!! I learned this move from doing the 100 Ab Challenge from Blogilates. The first time I did it, my sides were sore for the next few days, because this worked my lateral core muscles in a new way! It’s also pretty fun to do and you can modify the level of difficulty! Since learning this move, I now do it almost every time I workout because I love it so much! I’m super excited to share this video, and hope you try and enjoy this exercise!

Here’s how:

Start kneeling, then extend one leg to the side for stability. Extend your arms up overhead - like a candle!

Keeping your torso in a straight line facing forward (with your hips stacked right under your shoulders), hinge sideways from the hips to slowly lean your whole upper body to the side opposite your extended leg, then engage your side core muscles to lift back up. Because I first did this for the 100 Ab Challenge, I do 50 on each side, but try whatever number works best! I will say that it doesn’t feel hard at first, but then you will definitely feel it once you get going, so challenge yourself! Make sure to do both sides!

As it gets tougher, you may start to twist your alignment to make it easier, but try your best to really keep your torso facing straightforward. You might also start to move your hips and lower body, but try to keep the motion isolated to above the hips to use primarily your core strength.

To modify, you can bring your arms crossed in front of you or to your hips. This will lighten the load on your core by localizing the mass lifted closer to the hinge of your hips - I do remember some things from physics haha! I demonstrate these options in the second video! I did it with these arms the first time, and still really felt it later, so no shame in modifying and you’ll definitely still build strength! It’s always better to maintain good form than to do more repetitions with a compromised form - you won’t use your muscles properly and could even injure yourself!

Go ahead and try it and let me know what you think!


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