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Crow Pose

I took my last class at Barre and Soul of 2018 today, and I finally got to take the Buti Yoga class that only happens every so often! It is a mix of yoga and dancing, and it was a blast!

Here’s one of my fave yoga poses just for fun: The crow pose! This is somewhere between a workout and a stretch, as it is a great core strengthener and balance builder. I love it because it’s a nice balance challenge, but it’s still close enough to the ground that it’s easy and safe to come out of if needed.

Start by crouching on the ground with your arms under your shoulders and your hands facing forward. Bend your elbows slightly to make a shelf for your knees. Lift your knees one at a time onto your elbows, keeping your toes lightly resting on the ground.

Engage your core to lift your toes off the ground so all your weight is balancing on your hands! If you start to wobble, gently tap one toe to the ground to stabilize and then try to get back into the pose. Try to test yourself to see how long you can hold the balance!


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