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Dynamic Core Power Exercises

Today at barre, one of my favorite teachers Angel shared a quote that really resonated with me - “Life is tough, but so are you!”

During class this helped me push through the physical challenge, and I also reflected on the personal challenges I have faced in life. Recognizing my inner strength and tenacity has helped me get through many struggles, and in addition, I have learned and grown stronger from each obstacle. So if you’re facing a challenge right now, I encourage you to reflect on your strengths - you’ve come so far, and you can make it through whatever is against you! And I’m always here for support.

I’m sharing some of my favorite dynamic core exercises, because these make me feel tough and powerful! These can be done without weights if desired or if you need a less intense version.

Start by holding your weight or weight at your chest and standing with a slight bend in your knees for stability. Twist your torso to one side and then to other, focusing on engaging your abdominal muscles to initiate the movement. I usually do 32 repetitions with a 25-30 lb weight, but do what works for you. Sometimes when I really want a challenge I do 100 repetitions.

Next, bend your knees into a wide squat position, and continue the twist, but add a punch to the side with the arm opposite the way you are turning so your arm crosses your body. Keep your shoulders down so your arms and shoulders don’t take over the work.

Lastly, return to the original twisting movement, but now with your opposite leg pulling in to your core. Do both sides!


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