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Dynamic Plank Movements

I love holding a plank when I’m doing a warm up or quick work out, but there are many exercises you can do from a plank position as well! Sometimes I throw these in so I don’t get bored holding a plank, and it distracts my mind from focusing on how tired my abdominal muscles get.

First off, make sure your butt is down and your body makes as straight a line as possible. Your shoulders should be directly over your wrists and try not to drop your head.

I start this video with plank jacks - just jump your legs out to the sides like a horizontal jumping jack, keeping legs straight! A low-impact modification is to step one leg out and back in at a time to avoid the jump.

Next, bring one knee at a time into your chest (a slow version of mountain climbers). Then draw one knee in across your body toward your opposite shoulder and hold your core to bring the knee across to the same shoulder, and back and forth. Repeat on both sides.

With control and without dropping your knees or losing your alignment, lower to your forearms so they are parallel in an “11” position. Dip your hips from right to left, coming through center each time. Be sure your butt doesn’t start to pike up in this move, because that can easily happen.

Finally, hold your low plank and slightly shift your weight back and forth a few inches so your chin moves over your hands and back.


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