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Easy Banana Sandwich Snack Bites

This is a fun and quick recipe to make for a nutritious and filling snack! You just need a banana and your favorite granola or snack bar - and feel free to add in chocolate chips if you wish!

All you do is slice up the banana, then cut the snack bar into circles that are about the same size and shape as the banana slices. Save the bits you cut off to eat as well for more snacking and to avoid waste! Make a little sandwich by placing the bar pieces in between banana slices, add in chocolate chips if desired, sprinkle cinnamon on top, and enjoy! You could also even reverse the sandwich and place a banana slice in between two snack bar circles.

I used GoMacro bars, which are my favorite snack bars - they are vegan, made with simple ingredients, and are very tasty and have a variety of flavors! I used the oatmeal chocolate chip, blueberry cashew butter, double chocolate peanut butter, and coconut almond butter and chocolate chip flavors - I cut two circles from each bar for a variety of snack bite flavors! Then I saved the rest of the uncut bars for later snacking.

You can use my code “barreandbrunch” for 25% off your order online at GoMacro's website, or find these bars at Whole Foods and other retailers!


Thank you to GoMacro for sponsoring this post! They are one of my favorite snacks and I love being an ambassador for this sustainable and ethical brand.


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