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Entertainment and Supporting Locally

This is part of my series on wellness during the COVID-19 social distancing period. Click here to follow through the full series!


With all this extra free time and limited things to do, we all need some fun ideas! I am actually excited to have some time to do fun things like art and reading, and of course, baking new recipes! This is a great time to try something new or work on a goal you’ve always meant to get around to. For example, I want to work on learning to do a handstand - maybe by the time I go back to Chicago, I will be able to do one (fingers crossed)!

Here are some other fun ideas to do that are a bit outside the box:

  • Coloring - you can find lots of free options on Google!

  • Collaging

I feel like most houses have a random drawer full of board games and cards that often goes untouched - now is the time to use them!
  • Board games and puzzles

  • Organizing or decorating

  • Sending fan mail to your favorite celebrities - I have done this and gotten autographed pictures back!! It is very exciting!

  • Sending mail to a friend (you might not get an autographed picture but you’ll make a meaningful connection)

Spring break, but quarantine style! PS I look tan because I gave myself a fake tan because that is safe for skin!
  • Have a staycation - put on a swimsuit and pretend you’re by the beach or pool while you eat tropical fruit and read a book!

  • Meditate (Headspace and Calm have great free resources)

  • Take a virtual cooking class - Clover Food Lab in Boston is doing a live cooking class at 3 PM EST Monday through Friday. Each session will be centered around using common pantry staples such as flour, beans, water, and veggies, so you don't have to worry about getting groceries for this. I did a mug cake cooking class this morning, which was so fun, and will be doing one this upcoming Saturday too via Instagram Live, so check that out for a brunch "class"!

  • Try a new recipe!! I have tons of ideas for you - including a new one here to help you stay up-beet (can you guess by my pun what the "secret" ingredient is haha)!!

  • Have an at-home picnic (indoors or outdoors depending on the weather)

If you don’t feel like cooking, having an at-home picnic is a great way to support a local business as well! Restaurants operate on thin margins, and with social distancing and governments enforcing capacity restrictions or takeout only at local restaurants (which is very much necessary for public health), this industry needs our support now more than ever. Most cities have closed restaurants for dining in, so getting takeout or delivery from local restaurants can really help their business. If this isn’t possible, even just leaving an online review can help.

Surrounded by plants so I can pretend to be outdoor picnicking!

You could also get takeout and then have dinner and a movie night at home! I found this site called Dining at a Distance that is an active compilation of restaurants in most major cities, and their current dining options (takeout, delivery services, etc). You can submit restaurants to be added to the site as well.

P.S. I’m excited to be partnering with Toast for their Rally for Restaurants campaign to do what I can to help support local restaurants. Check out my post here to learn more and to be entered to win a $100 gift card, while supporting your favorite local restaurant!

Businesses other than restaurants also need support too (truly, who doesn’t need support at this time!) so think about ways you can help, such as ordering online or purchasing gift cards.


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