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Exercise Ball Core Workout

I had a ball at the gym this evening!!! Although after my workout I felt more like I’d been hit by a wrecking ball - here are my pre-workout and post-workout moods!

Ok, enough with the puns: here are a few core workout moves you can do with an exercise ball!

These are some of my favorite core work series to do at the gym. I filmed these by balancing my phone on some weights, so I apologize for the fact that you can’t see my whole body at times, but I think you can see enough to understand the moves.

For all of these, try your best to keep your legs straight and core engaged. I typically do 16 of each - the last one I count one full pass of legs to arms to legs (or vice versa) as one! That one is really killer.

I show how to get into this position balancing your feet on the ball, because it might not be intuitive. Find a good plank position here. You want your lower shins flat on the ball when your legs are fully extended - you might need to adjust a bit at first to find the best spot.

For the second video, think of lifting your hips straight up in the air. Try to minimize movement in your upper body. Again, try to keep your legs as straight as possible.

This last set works without a ball as well. Using a ball or pillow or something to pass between your arms and legs increases the challenge by making sure you fully connect your arms and legs each time. Keep your core pulled in and think of your lower back pressing into the floor to avoid arching your back. Only lower the legs as far as you can before you feel your lower back start to arch and lift off the ground.

There ya go! Let me know if you use these ideas and what you think! And I hope you also have a ball next time you workout!! (Ok, finally done with puns)


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