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Goal Post Shoulder Workout

This can be done with or without weights - you will feel it either way, although you may need to do more repetitions if you are doing it without weights. If you choose to use weights, choose a relatively light set that is still challenging but that you can do multiple repetitions with.

Try to do at least 8 - 16 repetitions of each exercise before moving on to the next one. Ignore my awkward facial expressions by the way! I never quite know what to do with my expression when filming a workout video, and this was my first one.

Bend your arms like a football goal post so that they are at a 90 degree angle with your elbows to the side and at the same height as your shoulders - if your elbows are lower than your shoulders, you won’t be working your shoulders correctly. Make sure to keep your shoulders down away from your ears, especially when your muscles start to burn! Also, keep your core engaged and avoid arching your back.

For the first move, just take small pulses up from this position, keeping your form steady. Then, raise the weights at a slight diagonal above your head and pull back to the starting position - you should be able to see your hands in your upper peripheral vision, so don’t lift them straight overhead.

For the next set, pull your elbows down and back, squeezing the muscles of your upper back and shoulder blades, and raise back to the starting position. Take another set of small pulses. Finally, lower just your forearms from the starting position to be parallel to the floor, then raising back to the start.


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