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Lakeshore Outdoor Body Weight Workout

It was such a beautiful day out in Chicago today, and I know there aren’t many more of those left before winter hits, so I went on a run on the lakeshore this evening! It was really beautiful as always and a nice little dose of nature and sunshine.

I did a little body weight workout afterwards, and wanted to share some of the exercises - you can do these indoors or outdoors! I threw in a mix of core, arms, and lower body moves. I used the steps to make my workout more dynamic, but you could adapt these moves for a flat surface as well. Try to do at least 16 of each move (16 on each side for the moves that are one-sided).

I love seeing cute dogs out and about in the city, since I miss my dog who is at home in Minnesota. I saw this adorable little fluffy pup named Popcorn while on my run, and got to pet her and she was so sweet! So that was a great highlight and a good way to end my run.

Me and Popcorn say hi! I hope you have a great day and that her little dog smile makes you smile!


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