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Layered Nut Butter Cups

Homemade layered nut butter cups!!

I sometimes eat peanut butter plain with a spoon because I love it so much, but this is a less messy (and more artistic and fun) way to enjoy nut butters! I had a lot of fun drizzling chocolate and coconut butter on top in fun patterns. These are very easy to make and you can customize them with whatever seed or nut butters you like!

To make these, add a spoonful of your desired nut or seed butter (I did peanut butter first) to cover the bottom of mini muffin papers, then freeze for about ten minutes. Then repeat with layers of other nut butters (I used cashew and almond butter). I finished them with a layer of coconut butter - which is just puréed coconut and actually tastes like frosting - and dark chocolate! After the cups have solidified in the freezer, let thaw slightly before eating. To save, keep them refrigerated or they will get melty.


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