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Microwave Blueberry Banana Mug Cakes

Just another mug cake Monday!

Ella and I made microwave blueberry banana mug cakes for breakfast for a quick and tasty start to the day before more Boston adventuring. We made one in a heart shaped mug to spread some love today!

Here’s the recipe:

Ingredients (for 1 mug cake)

1 mashed ripe banana

1 egg

3 tbsp almond flour

1 tbsp coconut flour

¼ tsp baking powder

A good shake of cinnamon

Handful of blueberries

Almond slivers (optional)


  1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl.

  2. Lightly oil a microwave safe mug and fill ½ to ¾ full with the batter, leaving room for the cake to expand.

  3. Cook in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, then let cool.

  4. Turn mug upside down to remove cake, then cut into slices.

  5. Top with banana slices, blueberries, and more almond slivers!


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