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Multi-Muscle Upper Back Exercise

A great upper body exercise that works many muscles!

You can use this to strengthen your biceps, shoulders, and upper back! Weights are optional - if you choose to use weights, try to choose a set that is challenging but that you can still do many repetitions with, and if you don’t use weights, try to do more repetitions to really work your muscles!

Alignment tips: Keep your shoulders down away from your ears, especially when lifting your arms up to the sides (they tend to creep up at this part when you get tired). This will strain your neck, which you don’t want! Additionally, keep your core engaged and avoid arching your back. Try to keep the movement in the arms only!

Start by tucking your elbows slightly behind your back with your forearms bent at 90 degrees (working upper back). Hold weights with your palms up. Straighten your arms as you lift them straight out to the sides, stopping at shoulder height (working shoulders). Curl your weights into your shoulders (working biceps), then pull your elbows back down. Repeat!


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