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One-Legged Inclined Push Up Variations

Challenge yourself today and try these one-legged inclined push ups! The leg held into your chest activates and works your core as a bonus to a regular push up!

Start by standing at a barre or countertop or table that is about hip height, and place your hands about shoulder-width apart on it. Step backwards until you are in an inclined plank position (the farther away you are, the more challenging, but you have to be close enough to have your chest over your hands). Rise up onto your toes, and start with relatively slow paced push ups. After a few rounds, add an extra contraction of your core to lift your knee with each push up.

Hold the bend in your elbows at your halfway point and pulse your knee into your chest. Next, stay in that position, but lift and lower your chest up and down just a few inches, really staying low to further challenge your muscles. That’s it! Try to do at least 8 or 16 of each variation.


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