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Partner-Assisted Deep Back Stretch

Bringing flexy back with this partner-assisted back stretch!

I learned this technique at Stretch Lab Old Town, and it’s a great way to improve both back flexibility and strength deeper than what you could do on your own! Emma is a fellow dancer too, so it was fun chatting about ballet with her, and the importance of stretching for dancers (and everyone)!

Grab a friend and DO try this at home! You can follow along with Emma’s instructions in the video, or read the description below. Only go as far as you can without any strain or pain, and be sure to move slowly for safety.

To do this stretch: Lie flat on your front on the floor with your stretch partner standing behind you over your shoulders. Wrap your hands around your partner’s wrists for a secure grip. Try to keep your arms engaged so they are not completely bent. Your partner will slowly walk back to stretch your back, until you reach a spot where you feel a deep stretch but are still comfortable. Your legs and hips should stay pressing down into the ground. Hold the stretch while taking some deep breaths in and out, then when you feel ready, have your partner slowly walk forward to release the back stretch. It is VERY important for them to walk slowly forward and not just let you fall! Now you can switch partners to share the stretch love!


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