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Peach Mint Avocado Toast

It’s almost the end of peach season, so here’s a unique peach flavor combination! Avocados can really go with anything, and it pairs great with the sweet, juicy peaches. Mint pulls it all together and adds more fresh flavor!

Fresh mint leaves have the most flavor, but dried mint works as well if you don’t have fresh mint. I used fresh mint from my mint plant! If using fresh mint, be sure to rinse and dry the leaves beforehand.

How to make the toast:

  1. While your bread is toasting, mash half an avocado. If you are using dried mint, you can mix in 1-2 tbsp dried mint with the mashed avocado.

  2. Thinly slice ½ to a whole peach.

  3. Once the toast is ready, spread the avocado on the toast, and add peach slices and mint leaves. Enjoy!


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