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Single Serve Overnight Oats

ONOOTD - overnight oats of the day? Maybe not the most catchy abbreviation but I think it’s pretty fun to say, and overnight oats are delicious to eat! It’s a great ready-to-go breakfast for busy days. I usually make my overnight oats in old jars of nut or seed butter, and if I am bringing them to school or on a busy day, I can rinse and recycle the jar. If the jar isn’t quite empty and still has some nut/seed butter left, that makes it even tastier because it adds flavor!

So last night I used an almost empty jar of sunflower seed butter to make strawberry banana zucchini overnight oats using strawberry banana Pillars Yogurt! I like using drinkable yogurt because it adds probiotics, but I often also make overnight oats with oat milk - you can use any type of plant-based milk to make it vegan. You can use gluten-free oats and a nut-free milk to make it gluten or nut-free. The zucchini adds a sneaky serving of veggies, and I promise you won’t taste it, so although it sounds weird, give it a try!

Because I used strawberry banana yogurt for this, I decided to add strawberries and bananas to emphasize the flavor; however, you can add any berries, nuts/seeds, or other add-ins to your overnight oats! Sometimes I make a big batch of plain overnight oats for the week, then add different fruits and nuts in the morning (instructions for making a big batch of meal-prepped oats here). You can warm it up in the morning if you have a microwave-safe jar (like a glass jar) if you want warm oats, or enjoy cold.



Makes 1 serving

½ cup oats

1 cup strawberry banana Pillars Yogurt (or substitute milk of choice)

About ⅓ cup grated zucchini

1-2 tbsp chia seeds (optional but adds extra protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp cinnamon

1-2 tbsp honey or maple syrup to sweeten (optional)

Add-ins: strawberries, banana slices, nuts


1. Mix oats, drinkable yogurt or milk, grated zucchini, chia seeds, vanilla extract, and cinnamon in a jar.

2. Add in strawberries (fresh or frozen) and refrigerate overnight.

3. In the morning, add banana slices, and enjoy!


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