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Multi-Tasking Stretch!

For busy people who like to get the most out of their moves: here is a stretch for your arms, legs, and core, all in one!!

Start by crossing your legs at your ankles - this will stretch your outer legs, also known as your iliotibial band, which is very tight in many people (here is another IT band stretch).

Next, lift your right arm up overhead, bend it, and grab your right elbow with your left hand above your head. Press your head back gently into your arm for a tricep stretch. Keep your core engaged to avoid arching your back. Finally, bend your upper body to the left to stretch the right side of your core.

You can also step your back leg out farther to the side while you bend over for a deeper side stretch. If you do this, keep a gentle bend in the front knee.

Repeat on the other side!


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