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Sweet meets Savory Tahini Toasts and Salad -

I used some creativity to pair new flavors for tahini toasts and salad to make a very quick and easy, but flavorful, lunch today!

I had leftover tahini and rosemary from my sweet potato Thanksgiving dish, so I paired tahini and rosemary with blueberries on one toasted sourdough English muffin, and tahini with kiwi on another for a new and unique flavor profile. They both tasted great!

For some more greens, I added spinach and cucumbers for a salad with more blueberries, then drizzle everything with more tahini. It was a great combo of sweet and savory. There aren't really any "steps" to this recipe, but I wanted to post this on my website as well as my Instagram in case anyone is ever looking to switch up their toast game.


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