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Sweet Potato Waffles

One of my all time favorite recipes!

Sweet potato waffles are perfect for fall (or any time of year in my opinion!). I made these amazing sweet potato waffles and topped them with fruit, yogurt, nut butters, and pieces of Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups. It was heaven, that is all I can say to describe them.


2 cups mashed sweet potato

4 eggs

2 tbsp honey or maple syrup

1 tbsp baking powder

¾ cup flour (I used whole wheat flour)


  1. Blend ingredients in a blender until the batter is smooth.

  2. Heat and lightly grease a waffle iron.

  3. Pour a few spoonfuls of batter in the middle of the waffle maker and cook for about 4-5 minutes, or until the waffle is evenly cooked.

  4. Add toppings, and enjoy!

For more fall flavor we had apple cinnamon tea on the side!

Here are some other times I have had these waffles with various toppings! Basically, these waffles are a great vehicle for anything you decide to throw on them!

Toppings: peanut butter, raspberry jam, raspberries, dark chocolate, and pieces of Emmy’s Organics dark cacao and raspberry coconut cookies.

Apple pie themed toppings: almond butter, apple slices, pecans, Bare Snacks apple cinnamon chips, cacao nibs, and cinnamon.

I also made these once with PURPLE sweet potatoes! I found them at Whole Foods and thought it would be fun to try this recipe with them for a fun color! Baking them makes them less of a bright purple, but they still turned out fun! I topped them with blackberries to stick with the purple theme, cashew butter, coconut, and macadamia nuts - yum!

Before and after making the sandwich!

I later ate the purple sweet potato waffles as a waffle sandwich - I topped one with cashew butter, banana, shredded coconut, cacao nibs, and cinnamon; and I topped the other with pumpkin purée, blueberries, pecans, and cinnamon. The combination of pumpkin and blueberries is one of my favorites - it might seem random, but it is super tasty! Try it!

I then stacked the waffles into a sandwich for an amazing flavor combination!!


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