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Tempeh Blueberry Tahini Toast

I spontaneously added tempeh to some toast today to incorporate protein for a more balanced, filling meal, and it was so good! This is a very easy, simple breakfast or snack option and a way to switch up typical toasts.

I have been enjoying experimenting with tofu and tempeh, such as using them in sweet rather than savory foods. I love how both the tempeh and tahini can be sweet or savory, and with the blueberries and cinnamon, it is a really nice flavor combination! I think this would work equally well with any nut or seed butter, but I think tempeh and tahini together are just really great and unique!

This is toast, so of course this is not a recipe that needs exact measurements: just toast your favorite bread, spread tahini on it, and add blueberries and slices of tempeh! I used plain tempeh because I was not in a mood to further cook or season it, but I think if you had the time and energy to quickly sautee the tempeh with cinnamon, it would take this up another level! I will definitely try that sometime and report back.


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