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Towel Workout

Don’t throw in the towel on this workout series (hehe couldn’t resist the pun)! I’ve been trying to get creative with household items that can be used in a workout, since I know many people don’t have weights and other fitness equipment at home, and I figured that probably everyone has a towel! So here is a way to use a towel to intensify your workout!

I recommend using a hand or dish towel - you want it to be slightly longer than the width of your shoulders so that you can easily hold it out in front of you without extra towel ends getting in the way. Roll or fold it up until it comfortably fits in your hands as you can see in this picture.

This is a similar idea to a stretchy band, which I also love as an addition to workouts, but can actually be even harder since there is more resistance as towels are much less stretchy! Because there is so much resistance, this series really focuses on small muscle movements. You may not look like you’re doing much, but you should really feel tension in your muscles as you try to pull on the towel as hard as you can.

You can use this towel for arms and upper body as well as core and even some inner thigh work! Check out these demonstrations and then try doing a set of 16 of each movement.


Shoulders, Upper Back, and Triceps



Back and Triceps

Inner Thigh

Now that you're done with the workout, you can use the towel to wipe off your sweat! What a multi-purpose workout tool!


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