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Yoga Gomukhasana Stretch

This leg stretch is called gomukhasana in yoga, which means cow face pose - which I think is kind of a funny name, but it’s a great stretch! It stretches your hips and glutes, and shoulders if you want to add a yogi bind with the arms.

Start by crossing your legs so your knees stack on top of one another, then gently slide your shins out so they make as straight of a line in front of you as possible while keeping your hips on the ground. At Barre & Soul, we often say to imagine that your shins are like bike handlebars! If you can’t keep your hips on the ground, you can place a ball or block under one hip for support.

You can stay like this, or elongate through your spine to stretch your upper body forward over your legs as in the last picture. Switch the cross of your legs and do the other side!

Just chilling in gomukhasana!


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