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Yoga Mermaid Pose

I think pretending to be a mermaid is required when you're at the beach! If you want to be a yoga mermaid (yes, that's a thing!), then try this yoga pose!

Start by stretching out your back and core quickly to release any tension. Start out with just the standing quad stretch. Keep your knees in line and core engaged. If this is comfortable, place your foot in the elbow crease of your same-side arm. This is a great place to stay in the stretch and find balance and a good hip opener. Next, clasp your hands together, and raise them overhead to move into the final pose. It's almost like you are making an "8" with your leg and arms.

Here is a video demonstration!

This pose is fairly challenging, so if it's not accessible to you today, that's ok. Find a place where you feel a stretch but no pain, really breathe and relax into the stretch, and just stop there.

Just for fun, here's a throwback photo from when my friends and I made ourselves mermaid tails in high school!


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