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Yoga Plow Stretch

Ever feel like you’re just plowing through the week? Then this stretch is for you!

This is called the plow pose in yoga and is one of my favorites. It feels really good for your legs and back, and being upside down briefly can help your circulation! I have noticed that often if I do this without some sort of movement earlier, my back feels really stiff - so if it seems too hard initially, try this stretch after exercising and see if your muscles are more limber.

To do this stretch, lay down flat on your back. Use your core to lift your legs up and roll them back over your head. It’s ok if they don’t go all the way over! You can use your hands on your low back to support your legs. Try your best to keep them straight! Once you’re there, you can play around with bending your knees to try to get your shins flat on the floor. I’m still working on this, but almost there!


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