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Yoga Stretch and Strength Series

Oh hey there! Just stretching it out!


Here is a series of moves that both stretches and strengthens - best of both worlds!

To start, move into a downward dog pose. Lift one leg up - make sure you have enough space behind you so you don’t kick a wall, person, pet, furniture, crown jewels, historic monument, etc.

Keep your leg straight and focus on extending the stretch by making a straight line from your toes to your fingertips. You can gently bend and straighten your standing knee if you want, but try to keep it straight. This is called a three-legged dog in yoga.

Next, open the hip of your raised leg to the ceiling, and carefully rotate your lower body slightly to bend and reach your leg toward the wall behind you as in the first picture. This is a great way to open up the sides of your body as well as your hips!

Return to the original three-legged dog, and engage your core as you bend the knee and draw in under your body and towards your hands. Set the knee near the same side wrist, and keep your back leg straight for a pigeon pose. This stretches hips, legs, and glutes!

To intensify the stretch, bring your shin as perpendicular to your thigh as possible in front, so the front leg forms a 90 degree angle. You can also stretch your torso forward over your front leg or add a block or support under your front leg as in this version of the stretch. For an easier modification, bring the foot of your front leg underneath your butt on the same side.


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