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Zesa-Inspired Instability Workout

Sometimes instability and uncertainty can make us stronger - both in fitness and in life!

I tried out Zesa Fitness in Minneapolis this summer, and was so inspired and interested by their unique style of instability training! They have created equipment called "activators" that are a more nuanced and advanced version of the common Bosu ball found at most gyms. The activators have both a rounded base and a top that rotates, so it really challenges your balance and alignment. There are a range of levels of the activators as well, so as you get more comfortable, you can increase the difficulty.

I learned a lot about instability training from the great teachers at Zesa, and wanted to share some of the workout moves I learned. If you’re not at the Zesa studio, you can use a Bosu ball instead of an activator for the balance challenge, or just do these moves on a mat or the ground. Choose a set of weights that is a bit lighter than what you would use on a flat surface, because the instability makes the movement much harder and you don't want to compromise your form. Do at least 8 of each move for the full sequence.

This next video combines the moves in the first video into a short circuit. After this round, repeat both sequences on the other side.

Here is a plank sequence that follows a similar pattern of establishing, then combining movements - I like this approach because you first get comfortable with the basic moves before stringing them together.

And here is one more core exercise!


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