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Balancing Hamstring Stretch

My muscles have definitely been feeling very tight from so much sitting around and studying, especially my hamstrings. I typically do the same stretch series for my hamstrings, but I just remembered this stretch I learned at Stretch Lab Old Town in Chicago, and thought it would be great to try something different today, so I did this stretch! This stretch also works your stability and balance, and you can easily do it at home.

Check out this video of Emma, one of the awesome “flexologists” (isn’t that a fun title!) at Stretch Lab, explaining how to do this! Focus on keeping your front knee straight to most deeply stretch the hamstrings. If you can’t reach all the way to your toes, that is ok - just reach as far as you can, and hold it! You can stay in the starting version with your leg supported on a stable surface if that is enough of a stretch. If you want more, take the balance challenge by bringing the leg up!

Check out this post for another stretch with Emma - this one is a partner back stretch! Also, Stretch Lab is doing virtual stretch classes, including free offerings - check out their Instagram for details!


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