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Boston Ballerina Brunch

My dance friend and fellow brunch enthusiast Maddie visited me in Boston - here is what we did!

I had such a fun day showing her around Boston! You might recognize her from my Spotlight post on her last summer - she is an incredibly talented dancer who is studying at Juilliard! And she now has a food account that is bomb, so go check out Pescatarian Pisces!

We started the day off by making an amazing brunch: PB&J french toast skewers (inspired by Rachel Mansfield), egg and veggie cups, and broiled grapefruit with banana and cinnamon!


Here are the details for each recipe:

PB&J French Toast Skewers

(we were obsessed with this and I’ll definitely be making it again!)


2 slices of bread

1/4 cup milk

1 egg

Dash of cinnamon

Dash of nutmeg

Splash of vanilla

Desired jelly (or berries, cinnamon, and honey to make your own)

Fresh fruit for the skewers, sliced - we used strawberries and bananas



1. Mix together the batter and pour it into a dish. Place a slice of bread in the dish to soak in the batter.

2. Heat a skillet with some butter or cooking oil (we used coconut oil) over medium heat. Place the bread in the skillet, cook for a few minutes until done on one side, then flip.

3. Repeat with the second slice of bread.

4. Spread peanut butter on one slice of bread, and jelly on the other.

For a quick, homemade jelly, we mashed raspberries and blackberries on low heat on the stove top with some cinnamon and honey to taste.

5. Put the slices together into a sandwich, then cut into squares.

6. Slide the fruit slices and french toast squares onto skewers and ta-da!

Omelet muffins


2 whole eggs

2 egg whites

Chopped vegetables (we just used the Target brand microwaveable mixed veggies)

Roasted garlic, salt, and pepper to taste

Before cooking the omelet muffins


1. Whisk two whole eggs and two egg whites.

2. Add in chopped veggies and some roasted garlic, salt, and pepper.

3. Pour the mixture into a muffin tin (or two small oven friendly dishes like we did) and cook at 350 F until the eggs are thoroughly cooked, which took about 20 minutes.

4. Add avocado slices and sprinkle turmeric on top!

Broiled grapefruit


1 grapefruit

A few banana slices

1-2 tbsp honey

Dash of cinnamon


1. Cut a grapefruit in half.

2. Drizzle with honey (or spread if using spreadable honey like we had) and place on a baking sheet.

3. Add thin banana slices on top.

4. Sprinkle with cinnamon, and broil for about 5 minutes until browned but not burned!


We were gifted these cute and cozy matching sweatshirts and headbands from Belle Force, a dance-inspired athletic wear brand for which Maddie and I are both ambassadors. Check out their cute clothes and use the code ANDREA for 15% off your first purchase!

Thank you Kelsey and Belle Force!

We loved them and enjoyed wearing them for our cozy brunch and at yoga later in the day. PS - check out this fun blog post on the Belle Force blog about our adventurous day in Boston!

After brunch, we explored Boston - I showed Maddie and her parents around some of my favorite spots downtown such as the Boston Public Library, Beacon Hill and Acorn Street, and the Boston Public Gardens.

Acorn Street - the most photographed street in the US!

Strolling through the Public Garden!

In the Boston Public Library Courtyard

Next, we went to a yoga class at Barre and Soul with Maddie's mom! We took the Sunday Night Beats yoga class, which is a super fun vinyasa flow set to hip hop and pop music. It's a great class because it is both high energy and calming at the same time!

Rocking our Belle Force at the barre...

And at the classic Barre & Soul piano! If you have been following me for a while, you know this is my favorite place for photos at the studio!

We walked around Harvard and Harvard Square after class, had a seafood dinner, and then to end the day we shared a peanut butter cannoli - my absolute favorite from Mike’s Pastry, which is a must in Boston!

Outside the Harvard library

Isn't it beautiful?!

Fab friend + fab food!

We had such a blast, and it was so fun to show Maddie around my favorite Boston spots!


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