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Frog Legs Glute Workout

This is a way to work out your glute muscles from a non-traditional position, as opposed to squats or leg lifts. This move may not look like much if someone walks by while you’re doing it, but you will certainly feel your muscles working! You can add in extra back and shoulder work as well by floating your upper body off of the floor if you’d like. The key thing for this move is to try your best to keep your whole legs off of the floor by really lifting through your seat muscles.

Follow my instructions in this demonstration video and try doing this yourself! Try to do this set for about 3 or 4 minutes straight for the full glute workout.

Be sure to stretch out your muscles afterwards - some great options are a Figure 4, gomukhasana (“cow face”) pose, or supported pigeon (you can also do it as a regular pigeon pose without blocks).


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