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Halloween Brunch 2.0

BOO and brunch!

My second annual Halloween Brunch was a success! I made vegan pumpkin pancakes, sweet potato waffles, cinnamon rolls, sausage “mummies”, and a batch of pumpkin chai latte. It was super fun and very popular with my residents!

The menu!

After the success of my first Halloween Brunch event, I knew I wanted to do it again. To make my preparation more efficient and quick, I again used Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and crescent roll dough, and cooked the waffles and pancakes the night before and just warmed them up in the morning. For the mummy sausages and tea directions, see my first Halloween Brunch post! For the pumpkin pancakes, I used my pumpkin pancake recipe but used flax eggs instead of regular eggs and didn’t add chocolate chips because they make it messy when making a large amount.

The festive spread!

Boston in the Halloween spirit!

My friend Angel and I in our Boston-themed Halloween costume!


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