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Sweet Tahini Stuffed Dates

Tahini stuffed dates are an easy and delicious healthy snack that tastes like candy! Thank you Sweet Tahini for sending me these delicious halva and cacao flavors of your tahini! They are a Boston-based company and many tahini based products. Tahini is a great spread because it can substitute for nut butter for those with nut allergies, and it can be sweet or savory depending on what you do with it - so versatile! To see another sweet recipe I have made with tahini, check out my tahini coconut cookies!

Sweet Tahini is sweetened with raw honey, which makes it perfect for desserts and sweet snacks like this! If you are making this with unsweetened tahini, I would recommend adding some honey or maple syrup (for vegan option) to the tahini before filling the dates. You could also use any seed or nut butter to stuff the dates for a variety of flavors. I dipped about half of the stuffed dates in chocolate and left the other half undipped and both were very delicious!

To make this recipe:

You will need: fresh medjool dates (you can find these are most grocery stores), tahini, honey or maple syrup (optional), and chocolate.

Fresh medjool dates - they are so tasty on their own as well!


1. Melt chocolate - I microwave it and stir it about every 10-15 seconds until it is fully melted.

2. Slice one side of a date open and remove the pits of fresh medjool dates. Don’t cut all the way through because you want the date to hold the tahini like a little bowl.

3. Add a spoonful of tahini to the opening in the date.

4. Use a spoon to dip the stuffed dates in chocolate, place the date on parchment paper and drizzle chocolate on top.

5. Freeze for about 10 minutes to solidify the chocolate.

6. Remove from the freezer and enjoy. I also sprinkled cinnamon on top! Enjoy as a snack or dessert!


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