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Three Legged Dog Glute Exercise

If you liked the three-legged dog pose I showed yesterday, you’re in luck because here is a glute strengthening exercise you can do from this pose!

Start in a downward dog, then lift one leg, keeping it as straight as you can. Engage your glute muscle to lift and lower your leg, just lightly tapping the mat - try not to completely relax the muscle and set your leg down. Do this 8 times slowly, then 8 times faster (or 16 for a greater challenge).

Next, hold your leg up and lift and lower it just a few inches to pulse it up and down 16 times, working at your highest point. Then, keeping your leg up, rotate it to the side and lift back to center 16 times. Hold to the side and draw little circles with your leg. Reverse directions, then lift back to center and hold for 8 counts.

Then do the other side! And make sure to stretch out afterwards - I recommend the pigeon pose (also in my post yesterday) because it’s easy to get to from the three-legged dog and a great, relaxing glute stretch!


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