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Esplanade Outdoor Workout

Today was SUCH beautiful day in Boston!! I went to the Holi celebration at my school with some friends (it’s a Hindu festival of colors that is open to all and celebrates new beginnings and is super fun!), and felt like a human rainbow! You can see I still have some colors on me and my clothes!

I wanted to continue enjoying the outdoors, so I decided to go for a run on the esplanade - which was full of people with the same idea and also tons of cute dogs!! It was so nice to be outside without needing a jacket, and I enjoyed my run!

On my way back, I stopped at this cool outdoor workout spot on the Esplanade and did a short workout: a 5 minute plank (a new level for me! Yay!), 100 squats, 100 candlestick dippers, my go-to glute exercises, and some of these leg lifts on the bars.

I took this video at the end of my workout so I was too tired to take a long video, but you get the idea! Start with raising your legs straight out in front of you using your core. For variations, you can lift your legs in a straddle, or circle them around.


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